Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Joshua's Family

Joshua and his family is down from Alaska for a visit over the summer.
 Joshua and wife Rebecca and their youngest child Elliott.

 Oldest child Julia, looking pretty by the flowers.

 Ethan always has a smile.

 Christian having a good time.

 Elliott again playing frisbee.  He's always getting into things.

 Julia and Ethan stayed with us for a week and then Christian and Elliott stayed with us a week, while Joshua and Rebecca were in Spain.

 Julia climbed a little too far up this tree and looks a bit worried.

 It got super hot on us, in the 90's, and the water sprinkler was a favorite of Christian and Ethan.

 We got to take Ethan with us to Amery's graduation and spent a weekend in Spokane with Tianna's family.

 Baby Elliott in a play car.

 Julia made a wall of dominoes.

 Corn-man with Julia and Christian.

 Julia and Ethan up in the loft.  They climbed up all by themselves.

 Julia having fun at Amery's graduation.

 Ethan practicing karate.

 Enjoying the nice weather out on the back deck.

 Julia holding her little cousin baby Leon.

 We went for a picnic out to Wildwood Park and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.

 Julia following a little tin boat down the stream.

 Joshua and Christian in the stream.

 All three following their boats down the stream.

 Julia and Ethan playing dominos.

 Christian on a play house during a visit to Doranda's.

Julia by the ponds.  We're having a lot of fun getting to spend so much time with them.

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