Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tucker's Birthday

Tucker turned six years old and we went to his birthday party.

Tucker wanted a Ninji warrior birthday party.  It was great fun.

 Tucker only invited Ninji warriors to his birthday party, friends from school and relatives.

Three fierce Ninji warriors came from the distant lands of Alaska.  They are his cousins - Julia, Ethan, and Christian.
 Two other famous Ninji warriors came from Lakewood.  They are also his cousins - Andrew and Mallory.

Doranda and Bob made lots of Ninji games for them, like this obstacle course of strings under the trampoline to navigate through.

 Tucker with a climbing rope and his buddy Ethan.

 Mallory and Tucker with their fighting sticks.

 Finally it was time for refreshments after playing so many Ninji games.

 Doranda made a Ninji cake for Tucker.

 The food was just right for Ninji warriors - Ethan, Christian, Penelope, and Mallory.

This picture has a granddaughter from Doranda's family, Malachi's family, and Joshua's family.

Finally it was time for presents, which part Tucker enjoyed very much.  Happy Birthday Tucker, we love you.  You make a great Ninji warrior.

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