Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day

I have the best sweetheart in the world.  Jacquelyn got me this huge Valentines Day card.  When I went into the bedroom after work, there it was.
I love it.  Jacquelyn's down in Arizona but got this giant card before she left and made arrangements for someone to put in in my room while I was at work.  I love you Jacquelyn.  Thank you.

I also got some delicious brownies and a card from Talitha.  So I can guess who put the card out for Jacquelyn.  Thank you Talitha, that was very thoughtful.

I didn't have anything to do for Valentines Day but I got an email from Old Country Buffet for children to eat for 99 cents.  I invited Andrew and Mallory to come with me and they wanted to.  I wish some of my other grandchildren live closer but I'm sure they had a good time too with their parents.

There was lots and lots of food and Andrew and Mallory were excited to pick out what they wanted to eat.  Mallory especially ate a lot of chicken and a lot of nachos.  But the biggest attraction for them seemed to be the Icee machine.

 Andrew found it first and they kept going back and going back and going back.

This is one of Mallory's creations.  It has red and yellow icee mixed.  They were also adding orange pop to make it more drinkable.

 Andrew has a triple flavored icee.

 After food and drink it was time for dessert.  Mallory had a chocolate ice cream cone.

 Andrew had chocolate cake and he had ice cream also.

We had a little time so we went to the playground in the mall and they got to climb around for a while.  They refused to leave they were having so much fun.  I had to trick them.

It was a fun Valentines Day.  Although I would rather have had my sweetheart home.

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