Thursday, February 14, 2013

Las Vegas

While we were in Las Vegas for Talitha's wedding we had some time to walk around and see a few of the sights.

The is the welcome sign on the highway into Las Vegas.

 We did a lot of walking around looking at the strip.  It's really a strange city.  No place else in the world so odd I think.

 I did make a new friend in one of the casinos.  He didn't like me telling him he has a gambling problem.

 Since it was cold we tried to sight see inside as much as possible and only got lost from each other a few times.

 This was probably my favorite display.  It was very real to life looking.

 We saw a loving couple on Lover's Lane.

We got kicked out of Caesar's Palace.

 Everyone liked the fountains at the Bellagio.

 Me with two cute daughters.

And we saw a Las Vegas show, the Blue Men, at the Monte Carlo.   It was really good but I thought it was just a bit too loud.  Afterwards I spoke with the head Blue Man an gave him some pointers on how to improve the the performance.

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