Sunday, January 6, 2013

Talent Show

One day during the holidays we had a family talent show.  It was great fun.

 Doranda was the one pushing us to do it this year and getting us all organized. She got us started doing these last year and this year more people had acts and talents to show.  Tianna had something similar for the family at her house once only she called it a freak show and they did weird acts.

 Ashton showed his Spiderman climbing talents.

 Evan did a magic trick with a disappearing quarter.

 James showed he could count to over 100.

 Tianna did some gymnastics.

 Tucker and Penelope did some Taekwondo stuff.

 Penelope and Tucker broke boards with Taekwondo.

 Tucker showed a big Spiderman picture he colored.

 Bob sang a song.

Isaac did a Taekwondo routine with Ssahng Jeol Bongs

 Joshua told some amusing stories.

 Nathanel showed he could lift four children at once, and a dog.

 Ethan sang a song, which was really long and he knew all the words.

 Talitha showed some art she made at her glass blowing class.

I did some science tricks (no pictures) and Jacquelyn played the piano.


  1. It was a fun talent show, but I wouldn't say it started at Tianna's house. She did a 'freak show' that was also fun but different. I had the idea a few years ago because we enjoyed it with bob's family but barely anyone in our family wanted to participate. Oh and Bob's song was not one he wrote.

  2. You are right. I will make the corrections.