Monday, January 7, 2013

Isaac and Kim's wedding

Isaac and Kim got married on December 28th.

 They made an extremely cute couple.

They got sealed together in the Seattle Temple

 We had a crowd waiting outside for them to come out.  Here's Ethan all the way down from Alaska come to the wedding.

 Penelope waiting for them to come out and having a little snack.

 Finally Isaac and Kim come out of the temple.

Now they are married.

Husband and wife.

 We are very happy for them.

 Here's a picture of some some people waiting to greet them.  In front is Ashton, Evan, Scarlett, Tucker, and Ethan.  In back is Malachi, Scarlett, Bob, Tianna, David, and Joshua and Talitha.

 Here's a picture of Isaac and Kim with both sets of parents.

 We had a reception at our church building in Puyallup that evening.

 This is Kim with her three bridesmaids.

 Here's a picture of Isaac with all his brothers and sisters.  In front is Talitha, Doranda, and Tianna.  In back is Caleb, Joshua, Isaac, Malachi, and Nathanael.

 Here's Isaac with just his brothers.

This was the receiving line at the reception.

 Refreshments included punch and lots of things to eat.

 First dance between Isaac and Kim.

 Here's some of the family at a table at the reception.  Jim, Mary-Anne with Jacob, Amery, David, Talitha with Scarlett, Layne, Jacquelyn, and Tianna.

 Second dance was Isaac with his mom.  Doranda was the official photographer for the wedding so you will see some much better pictures with a lot higher quality when she gets them out to Isaac.  Of course she often had little helpers tagging along.

 Jacquelyn and I got some dancing in too.

 Malachi dancing with Mallory.

Joshua dancing with Ethan.

 Nathanael and Mary-Anne with little Jacob.

Mallory is quite the dancer.

 Jacquelyn dancing with Ethan.  We were having a fine party.

 Bob dancing with Penelope.  They had some moves.

 When it was time to go, of course the brothers and sisters had to decorate the car to send them off in style.

 Isaac and Kim leaving the reception.

 This is the next day, they came over to the house and we had the Stephensons over too and then Isaac and Kim opened wedding gifts.

 People watching them open presents and taking pictures.

Congratulations Isaac and Kim.

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