Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow and ice in Washington

We've had a really hard week in this part of Washington.

 First there was a heavy snow and then ice.  There was no school on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.  This is the front of our house after the first snowfall before the ice hit.

Caleb and Anthony getting ready to shovel the driveway.  Jacquelyn had already shoveled the sidewalk.  All before I got home from work.  It was a good thing they got it done before the ice hit.

 After the snow came in it was followed by the freezing ice.

 Looking out from the front of our house.

 An interesting thing to see was all the animal tracks.  We normally don't notice these animals around but there were tracks all over the day after the first snow.

 Don't know what kind of animal made this track.  You can see how all the snow got turned into ice.

 Poor car.  Everything got covered with about an inch of pure ice.

 This hardy fountain on the side of the house kept the water flowing all through the snow and ice.

 The ice got so bad it was too much for a lot of tree limbs.  The weight caused a lot to crack and break and fall.  This is an example in the backyard after it was all over.

 This is the side of the house.  Saturday I filled up two trash cans and the yard waste container just from limbs out of the front yard and didn't finish.  There were even more on the side and in back.

On a separate subject.  Caleb got notice from BYU-I that he is enrolled in the Spring/Fall Track.  That means he will start in early September, but then have the Winter Track off, and then go in Fall (which includes part of summer).  Anyway, he is all registered now.  For a major he picked Mechanical Engineering.


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