Thursday, January 19, 2012

Andrew and Mallory Sealing

We were invited by Malachi and Layne to go with them Saturday and watch them take their two children to the temple and be sealed.  It was a wonderful experience and we are so happy for their family.

This is the Seattle Temple where we went to see the Sealing Ordinance.  In the LDS faith their are certain ordinances, like sealings, that are only done in temples because they are so sacred.

 Afterwards we got to take some pictures out on the temple grounds. 

 It was actually rainy and cold.  We were happy though.

 In this picture they are posing in the middle of a set of statues on the temple grounds.

The adoption they had for Andrew and Mallory made the children legally part of their family.  Now with this temple ordinance it is a sealing for eternity.

This is a statue of the Angel Moroni on top of the temple.  He is blowing a trumpet announcing to the world the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and inviting all the world to come unto Christ and join his church and be baptized and be saved.

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