Monday, November 21, 2011

Andrew & Mallory Adoption

The big day finally arrived.  Malachi and Layne had their court date for the adoption of Andrew and Mallory.

This is the new family setting in court in front of the judge answering questions.

 Layne, with Andrew, taking the oath of adoption.

 Malachi with Mallory during the court proceedings.

 After the judge ruled yes on the adoption they went out in the hall for some pictures.  Now Andrew and Mallory legally belong to them.  It's official.

 We went outside for some fall pictures .

 We were happy to get to go and see the adoption.  Now they are officially our grandchildren too.  So you could say we have adopted Andrew and Mallory also.  They are part of the family now.

 Here are a few choice photos they we were not able to put on the blog before.  This is Andrew and cousin Tucker having a laser-sword fight.  They are about the same age.

 This is Andrew sitting on his new Grandma's lap at Caleb's court of honor for Eagle Scout.

 This is Andrew with his Auntie Talitha and Uncle John.

 Here is Mallory with Tucker and Bruce.

 At a birthday party.  I think it was for Tucker and Mallory.

 We took Andrew to the race tracks on weekend.

 A favorite thing, whenever they come over to our house, is to immediately check out the ponds.

Halloween costumes.  Buzz Lightyear and Snow White.  We are so happy to welcome Andrew and Mallory into our family.  And we are especially happy for Malachi and Layne.

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