Sunday, October 30, 2011

Caleb Is 18 Now

Caleb had his 18th birthday on October 16th. 
This was a big day for Caleb and the family.  Now Caleb is legally an adult.  He seems all grown up.

We had a party for him.  He seemed to have a good time.  Jacquelyn made him a cake and we even put 18 candles on it.

Mr. Pumpkin Head Man was at the door to greet visitors and we decorated the house in a  Halloween theme.

We had a great meal with tons of Chinese food and lots of dishes to select from.  Jacquelyn was cooking almost all day.  The food was really good.

Here is Caleb's youngest niece, Scarlett.

Another little niece, Penelope.  They sure liked the cake.

Tucker was there too, a nephew of Caleb's.

Another niece and nephew that came to help Caleb celebrate.  They refer to Jacquelyn as the Grandma with a Caleb.

Two missionaries from church joined us for dinner.

We even had a dead ancestor get up from his grave to come join the party.  It is Halloween time.

 Tucker and his little cousin.

Around the table we had John, Talitha, a missionary, Layne, another missionary, Bob, Doranda and Scarlett.  We had a fun time at Caleb's birthday.  And we are proud of Caleb and all the great things he has done with his life so far.

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