Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Whidbey Island

Jacquelyn and I took a day trip out to Whidbey Island which is north of Seattle. It was just the two of us and the weather was beautiful.

The first stop was Deception Bridge over Deception Pass where we drove from the mainland onto Whidbey Island over this tremendous suspension bridge over a swift moving channel of water.

First thing we did was take a hike up to the highest point on Whidbey Island. The views were spectacular.

Here's another view of Deception Pass from a distance. It was named Deception Pass because the early English explorers were thinking they had found a vast inlet because the water was moving so fast, but upon exploration they realized it was actually just one side of an island, which was named Whidbey Island.

Then we went down to the beach on one side of Whidbey Island and ate lunch and did another longer hike along the beach. On the way back the tide had come up and Jacquelyn got her shoes and socks wet running around some rocky outcroppings and trying to beat the waves as they lapped in and out. I climbed up and over and stayed dry.

We took a boat ride out into Deception Pass. It was fun. Jacquelyn saw a bald eagle but I missed it. Then we went into the town of Oak Harbor and walked around some to see the sights.

Fort Eby State Park was our next stop. We found this old World War II fort that was set up as a battery with artillery guns to protect the Sound. It was fun to explore the fort. This is one of the lookout bunkers for artillery spotters.

This is the entrance to the fort on one side. It was very dark inside. Fortunately we had a flashlight.

Here's one of the artillery sites where the big guns were located. Next we went down to Coupeville and had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant right out on the wharf. It was called Kim's Restaurant and I would highly recommend it. We took a table outside. The food was great and it was very peaceful and enjoyable.

From Clinton we caught the ferry back across to the mainland. It only cost $9 to take our car across on the ferry.

We had a fun time.

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