Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July

We had a lot going on this Fourth of July. It was a great weekend. It was also Malachi's birthday and we started things out with a big party that he and Layne were having in their backyard.

Malachi was the cook and we had outdoor barbacue food for all.

They had lots of things to do in their big backyard. Here's a couple of grandchildren in a wading pool. The weather was just great.

They have a basketball arcade game on the back porch. This is Evan and Ashton.

Tucker and James were showing their patriotism by eating red, white, and blue popcicles.

Caleb and Malachi in a friendly game of horse shoe.

Penelope on a rocking horse with grandpa. I think grandpa was enjoying the ride more than she was.

The next day we went camping in Sourthern Washington at Timber Trails where Talitha and John have an RV parked and own a campsite.

John kept us well supplied with campfire. If you look closely you might see Talitha, Doranda, Ashton, Bob, Tucker, Dallen, Penelope, James, Scarlett, Evan, and Penelope. Also there, but not in this picture, was Malachi, Layne, their two children, Tianna, Jacquelyn, and I.

Of course you can always find lots of deer wandering around the campground.

They have a swimming pool there. Here's Dallen doing all the work while James gets a free ride. What fun for James.

Tucker getting a ride also. Tucker's not one to be happy laying calmly on his Dad's back and enjoying the scenery. He going to try it on his knees too, and then standing up with his arms out like he's got his own living surfboard. What a good life children have.

We were back home for fireworks on the street in front of our house.

We had some good ones this year. We usually don't spend the money on any but this year was an exception.

Ashton liked the sparklers. James did one too but no one told him not to touch the end of the sparkler after it went out. He had to be rushed into the house to have cold water run over his fingers. And that was the last one he wanted to do.

Evan with a sparkler.

Not all fun and games though. Rats, I just got my big toe healed up and then I cut the tip of my thumb nearly off out at the campground. It didn't hurt much, I'm tough, but there was lots of blood. The next day I went to the doctor and got a tetanus shot and some tape type stutures to hold the cut part in place while it heals back up. No problem. I'll live. And it's cool looking.

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  1. Thanks for the fireworks Mom and Dad. The kids had a great time!! They really love fireworks. It was a great weekend.