Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alaska Vacation

We had the opportunity to go on a vacation to Alaska to see Joshua and his family, who live up there. We got to spend a lot of time with them, seeing the sights and playing with the grandchildren.

Here is Jacquelyn and I with the three grandchildren - Julia, Ethan, and Christian.

One day we took a sky tram up the side of a mountain right by where they live.

Grandpa with Julia up on the mountain after the sky tram let us off. The scenery is just as spectacular as you always hear.

There was still snow up on the mountain. Joshua and Christian, slippery steps.

We also went to a wildlife park. You could drive through or walk. Here's grandpa and Christian with a raindeer.

Downtown Ancorage has lot of interesting shops and stores. It was fun just to walk around there.

Julia in front of a totem pole.

We went on lots of walks and trails. This one hike we took was up to a glacier. Here's grandma with Julia.

Up at the glacier here's grandpa with Ethan. It was cold there with the wind blowing right over the ice.

We went camping down at Seward and stayed in a tent for two night. That was fun. Here we are roasting hot dogs.

At the town it was interesting to look at the boats and docks and the fish brought in. We saw this otter swimming along the docks.

Along the side of the road we saw a group of Dahl Sheep (Bighorn) right on the clifts next to the road.

One day we went to the library and we saw a acrobat/magicians/juggling show. Julia and Ethan got posters (because they read a lot of book in a reading program) that said "Reading Champions Live Here" to put in the window of their house.

We did go on a lot of walks. This is at a playground near where airplanes park that land on water rather on runways.

A nearby boardwalk through a marsh.

We saw a giant brown bear. He was really scary and we had to run for the car and lock the windows. No, not really. One day we went to the zoo. We did see a lot of bears and moose at the zoo, but none in the wild.

A polar bear at the zoo.

One day we took a hard hike up Flattop Mountain. It was a hard hike up but we made it. I think that was my favorite thing we did.

Jacquelyn and I at the top of Flattop Mountain. You can see Anchorage in the distance.

Joshua and Julia at the top of Flattop Mountain.

A really fun thing was going to the market. Here's Julia with a big dog.

We had lots of time for playing games and watching some TV and grandpa got to play some catch with Ethan and Julia.

Christian is a happy boy, all you have to do is tickle him a little.

On the last day we went to a store that had a giant chocolate waterfall and chocolate bars that were Alaska size.

Thank you, Joshua, Rebecca, Julia, Ethan, and Christian for a great vacation. We had a wonderful time.

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