Saturday, April 9, 2011

General Conference

Last weekend was General Conference. Instead of going to church at the local chapels we have broadcasts from Salt Lake City over the Internet and on the BYU channel, so we can hear talks at home from the General Authorities, including the prophet and some of the apostles. This is a picture of the conference center in Salt Lake City where a lot of people go to hear conference talks.
We watched them on TV. The Saturday sessions we watched at home in Puyallup. Except for the evening priesthood session where Caleb and I did have to go up to the church building. On Sunday we drove up to Doranda's house and watched two sessions there. Tucker and Penelope kept us entertained so no one would fall asleep, as least they tried anyway. Tucker had some cut-outs of some of the speakers he could put in a cut-out of the pulpit.

I really liked one of President Uchdorf's talks about living up to our potential. There were also some good talks about husband and wife relationships and raising kids. One speaker talked about persecutions that will be coming and that we all need to be ready to face those.

At Doranda's we did waffles and ice cream. This was mine with ice cream, strawberries, blueberry sause and chocolate syrup. It was so good. I had two.

We got the idea from Mary-Anne and Nathanael. Others in the family are doing it now too I think. That's a good tradition when it spreads. And it is a delicious tradition.

Caleb had the biggest one.

I also got to do a walk with Tucker and Penelope. No one else would come because it was so cold out. We went down the street and up a long big hill. Then Tucker wanted to run down all the way back. So we did it.

This is a cake Jacquelyn made for the Relief Society birthday party, but I never got to post it earlier.

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