Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nathanael's Graduation from Law School

We took a trip down to Salem, Oregon to visit with Nathanael and Mary-Anne and to attend Nathanael's graduation from Law School.

Here were are on-campus at Willamette Law School. Here is Nathanael marching in to the ceremony as part of the procession.

Up on the stage at the front of the line waiting to have his name announced and receive his diploma. The robes were quite colorful. Purple is the color for law.

This is where they hood the candidates and it all becomes official.

Nathanael and Mary-Anne. A lot of hard work and sacrifice from the two of them getting to this day. They did it. Congratulations!

Here's a picture of the group. Talitha and John came down too, and we had Isaac and Caleb with us. It was really special to get to share in the graduation with Nathanael and Mary-Anne.

Of course we had some free time before. We went on one geo-caching hunt with Nathanael, Megan (his sister-in-law), Caleb, Isaac, Jacquelyn and I. It was so hot and sunny we had to stop for Icees at one point. We found two out of three, all within walking distance of their apartment.

The last step was helping load up the truck. We did as much as we could before graduation but still had a lot to do afterwards too. They are off for Utah now and a new chapter in their live. Good Luck to Nathanael and Mary-Anne.

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  1. Thank you! And thanks again for all your help and for sharing that very special and exciting day with us. Hopefully we'll get to see you soon!