Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Isaac's Mission Call

Isaac received his mission call from the First Presidency of the church. We are so excited and happy for him. He is going to the Kobe, Japan mission and will report to the Missionary Training Center on June 30th.

This is the picture Isaac used on his missionary application form. He looks like a missionary already, all he needs is the name tag.

He's a map of Japan. It's real close to Korea and just across the Sea of Japan from Russia and Korea. Kobe is in the southern part of the island between Hiroshima and Osaka.

He's a picture of the mission map. We can used this to keep track of where he's at on different assignments.

Congratulations to Isaac. We all hope he has a successful mission. We look forward to the two months having him at home before he leaves and to hearing about his experiences.

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  1. Congratulations Isaac! We know you will be a great missionary. Let us know if you have any questions as you are preparing over the next couple of months.