Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sculpture Park in Olympia

Last week we drove out to Olympia to get our National Parks Senior Pass before the prices go up.  Afterwards we stopped at this Sculpture Park that turned out to be nothing like what we had expected.

 It was kind of weird.  All the sculptures were more than a little strange.  And the more we saw the odder they got.

 It was out in the country and not close to the city.  Strange place for a park and it was a little overgrown and not totally well kept.

It's privately owned.  I think some one just had a lot of land so they set up this park and let any odd-ball artist that wants to set up a sculpture to come out and do so.

 At least it was free.

 Some were pretty good and some a little too odd for my taste.

 This flat looking lawn is actually the top of a pond that is totally covered in small little water algaes.

 We had fun walking around.

You call this art.   I'm not trying to explain any of this.  You can judge for yourself.

 It was interesting, I can tell you that.

 I think some of these artists might need a little help upstairs.

 My favorite.

That's the end.  Afterwards we got stuck in traffic.  The traffic was so bad we were not moving at all.  It looked like it would be hours getting home and we passed a movie theater so we stopped and watched a movie.

We saw the new Spiderman.  It was good.  The Spiderman character in this new version is a teenager like in the comic books and is funny.

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