Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Intruder in the house

We had a break in at our home last night.

 This large dog raced into our house.  He was terrified from all the fireworks going on outside.  Our garage door was open and when Caleb came in and shut the garage door he was surprised to find a large dog hiding in the garage.  The dog ran inside the house and Caleb couldn't stop him and didn't want to slam the door in his face either.

 The dog just paced about the house nervously, occasionally laying down in a dark corner in the living room or in the laundry room, but then getting up when more loud fireworks went off outside.  He never did growl or bark at any of us but would run if we tried to get close enough to see if he had dogtags on.  Jacquelyn said not to put him out until the fireworks were over because he would be too scared.

 So we just left him alone and he paced around the house for about three hours.  Poor fella.

Finally when the fireworks had pretty much stopped we let him out.  Our neighbors said they recognized him and Caleb went and got his owner, who lived two houses down to the right of us.  He didn't speak English and kept saying "no dog", until the neighbor girl showed him a picture she ran and took on her phone and then he came and got his dog.  The dog was so happy to finally see his master.

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