Wednesday, June 28, 2017

New Grandchild Calista

Last month we went to the Baby Blessing for Calista.

 Here we are with Doranda and her family.  Can't believe she has five children now.  They have a wonderful family.

 Little Calista all dressed up for her baby blessing.

 Big sister Penelope all smiles.

 Scarlett is the one that seems to love holding her little baby sister.  (I didn't take a lot of pictures so I borrowed a few from Doranda's blog.  But I couldn't leave out Scarlett since she is the one that is always wanting to hold Calista so much.)

 Brothers Leon and Tucker with Calista.

Welcome to the world Calista.  You have a wonderful family.  Great parents and four loving siblings.  You will have a good childhood.  And we are happy to by a part of it as your grandparents.

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