Saturday, October 15, 2016

Baptism of three little girls and then a Dancing Activities

We had three baptisms on Friday.  Three little girls.  One was a child of record member baptism and two were convert baptisms.  They all live together in the same family compound.  Out here in the Philippines they often live all surrounded by their relatives making up a compound.

 On Saturday we had District activities where all five Branch met together.  In the morning was Youth Got Talent.  Each Branch put on a talent display.  Ours featured dancing and singing.  This is our Branch.

 This is an action shot during the dance.

   We took second place out of five.  Pretty good.  Many district activities for the youth involve the branch preparing a dance to perform.

 In between the youth activity and the adult activity Sister Swift had some of her institute students over for pizza to celebrate the end of the year.  The first pizza turned out great but the second one was supper thick, like bread with a layer of pizza on top.

 Here are two Joshua and Gilbert eating pizza.

 Then in the evening was an adult dance for 30 and above.  These are some members of our Branch dancing.  Each Branch had to do a performance.

 Here we are as part of the dance performance.   Sister Swift won a prize for the best dressed in our Branch. 

Here we are with four of our friends, the Vitangcols and the Wilsons. The title of the event was "You Can Dance."  Whereas the title of the youth activity was "Youth Got Talent."  What are they trying to tell us by the titles, that we can still dance even though we're old.

Sister Swift with some of the other Sisters: Gina, Gemma, Priscilla, and Jenny.

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