Sunday, September 6, 2015

Church and Visits in Philippines

It's been a busy first week for us in the Philippines.  We got out to our area on a Thursday and have been to church two times now.

 This is the town where our Branch is located.  We're assigned to the San Ildefonso Branch in the Balican District in the Philippines Quezon City North Mission.  We live in the town of Baliwag.

 This is the small Branch building.  Pretty nice.  They have offices and classrooms downstairs and the chapel upstairs.

 We frequently see cows (bukas) in the fields.  This one was by the road.

 The oxen are called Carabaw.

 Here's two missionaries at their house in St. Miguel.

This is us with one of our missionaries and a sister from the church, Sister Priscilla, who seems to just love Jacquelyn.  After we visited her house she went with us to visit the rest of the people we saw that night.

 Elder Barcarse and Articulo.  Local Philippine missionaries assigned to our branch.  They took us out on Thursday to visit seven families.  Then on Saturday we went out with Elders Coombs and Salisbury from America.  We got drenched in a heavy rain and had to walk through lots of water to get to one house.

Here's all the senior missionaries ( the two on the front right are leaving.)  President and Sister Bertin are seated in the middle.

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