Saturday, January 17, 2015

Problems Problems

Whew, now that we've gotten through logging our vacation, we can get to back to real life on the blog.  Unfortunately, we've been challenged by tons of problems recently.  The first was my dear mother passing away.  I went down to Arizona to be with Dad for a few days.  Ever since coming home, it's been one additional problem after another.  And I thought things were supposed to get easier after the kids got grown and off on their own.

First health problems.  I had to take this cardio stress test to check out my heart and I failed the first test.  It was probably a mistake and the test not that accurate; they said, but I had to schedule another and that was a lot of stress waiting and wondering if my heart was okay.  Then I got a really bad cold, and a few days later, hurt my back.  I rarely get colds, and only once before hurt my back.

Then there were the problems with things breaking.  We were already having problems at the Triplex.  We're having to hook up to sewers after just getting the septic system redone, part of the fence was down, a ceiling fan stopped working in number 3, and we had squirrels in the attic.

What should happen next, but the transmission went out on my trusty old Ford that I drive every day.  I had to sit in traffic for 2 hours waiting for a tow truck with a cold and a sore back.  Then the very next day our refrigerator died.  Jacquelyn was stuck with no car, since I took her's to work all week, and no refrigerator.  Adding to the stress of all these problems, they are doing massive layoffs at Boeing in my department and the first layoff notices were coming out the next week.  They are trying to get rid of a lot of the senior people.  Talk about a lot of problems.

Now the problems are all resolved (and it wasn't as stressful as raising teenagers, after 8 teenagers these problems were a cake walk).  Let me tell how they got resolved.  We got our car back last Wednesday with a repaired transmission.  We got a new refrigerator on Thursday.  We survived fine for a week and they both work great now.  At the triplex I put mesh up to keep the squirrels out, the sewer people came and got us all successfully hooked up to sewer, they also rebuilt the fence for us, and just today Malachi helped me replace the ceiling fan.  All done.

 In the meantime, I got over my cold and my back is totally recovered and I feel fine.

I re-took the cardio stress test, this time with nuclear imaging, and I ran so fast it was like The Flash and they didn't know what to think.  Seriously, they said my heart was perfectly healthy and strong and no problems what so ever.  I did not get a layoff notice at Boeing this Friday (although I really wouldn't have minded).

Now we're off to a good week, and I'm looking forward to my birthday on Friday, the big six-zero.  Malachi, Layne, Andrew, and Mallory took me out to lunch today at Old Country Buffet for my birthday and it was great fun.  I'm going to see a movie on Friday with Jacquelyn (thanks Tianna for the tickets), and on Monday going out to dinner with some more of my wonderful children.  Life is good.

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  1. I already commented that you have an awesome Seahawk shirt but it didn't show up for some reason? Or it got deleted :)