Saturday, October 18, 2014

Halloween Fight Factory

Jacquelyn and I went to the haunted Fright Factory on Thursday in Buckley.

 It was a lot of fun.  The web research I did said it's one of the best ones in the area.  They specialize in people and costumes rather than animated effects.  We went early and got there right when it opened at seven, so we beat the crowds.

 Jacquelyn liked the rotating tunnel and strobe light rooms the best, and a pitch dark maze room.

 I thought the costumes were very good.  They did a lot of jumping out at the right times to startle you.  It was spooky, but not really scary since you knew it wasn't real.

 Here's some photos I took off the web and their website.  You couldn't take pictures yourself in the dark.

Beware the scary clown.

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