Friday, August 29, 2014

eBook Cover

I'm coming out with a new book soon.  It's an "action adventure comedy."  It's going to published as an eBook on Smashwords and Amazon.  Been in touch with a cover artist to develop a book cover.  Take a look at some of the concept ideas they sent and let us know which one you like best for the cover.

They start out by selecting a drawing or photograph to work with, and then purchase the license, and then build the book cover.  For action comedies the artist said most authors go for cartoon style and they sent three examples for review?  This one seemed too comic bookish for a book cover.

 Too risque for the book, which is rated G.

This one might be good if they fixed up her dress.  The thought was that a girl in a wedding dress holding a gun (which does happen in the book) might convey both action and comedy.

Here's a book blurb so you know what the book's about:

Must Save Charity is a comic adventure tale of confused identities and mistaken love.  Can Dusty Woodley, heroic national park ranger, save sweet Charity Leavenbread?  He's determined to try; but no matter how noble his bumbling efforts, the situation becomes more dire, her embarrassments more extreme, her peril more precarious, and her distress more acute.  How can Dusty stand it?  Worst of all, she wants him to stay out of it!:

They sent this concept photo also, in case we preferred photographs over drawings.  Photographs do look more professional.  The covers are very important for eBooks to attract readers.  I liked this one the best of the four the artist sent, but didn't like how her face was covered up.

So they came up with this one next and said they could work with the picture to make her attire look more like a wedding dress.  What do you think?  Send an email or make a comment on the blog if there's one you like best.


  1. I think the last one looks great, especially if they can make it look like a wedding dress. I didn't like any of the drawing though.

  2. I haven't checked the blog in over a week and just saw this! I liked the 3rd comic style one too! I had no idea you had another book coming out Dad! Congrats! I can't wait to read it.