Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Halloween is so much fun for everyone dressing up in costumes.  I've collected pictures of all the younger grandchildren in their Halloween costumes.    Some of the adults had great costumes too but I'm only showing the children here.  

 Cowboy (Leon)

 Ladybug (Hannah) and Lion (Jacob)

 Spanish knight (Christian) and mouse (Elliott)

 Two trolls (Penelope and Scarlett)

 Superhero (James)

Yoshi (Andrew) and Princess Peach (Mallory).  They came over to our house and were the only ones we got to see in person.  Notice in the background their parents were Mario and Luigi.

 Karate Kids (Julia and Ethan).  Dressed warm for trick-or-treating in Alaska.

 Soldier Toy (Tucker)

 Superman (Ashton)

Mime (Evan)

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