Monday, March 25, 2013

New babies and grandchildren visiting

We had Tucker, Penelope, and Scarlett visiting for a few days while their mom and dad took care of their new baby.

 Scarlett sees something interesting to show me.  She's pointing at a cat.

Best friends forever.
Lots of good food.  See the cake I made.
Penelope and Scarlett playing computer games.
 Tucker calling his new friend from next door to come over for a visit.

And the cat did come to him.  First time I've seen a cat that would come when called.  I saw Tucker call it over several times.

Then on Sunday we got to go to a baby blessing.  This is Spencer.  Malachi and Layne are his temporary legal guardians and they take care of him.

Such a good little baby.  Very cute.  Malahi and Layne are giving him lots of love.  He's a lucky boy.

Then we got to meet Leon.  Doranda and Bob have a new baby, Leon Chase Woestman.  He's our newest grandson.  He was born on the 19th.  He's a big baby, 9 lbs 6 ozs at birth, and is very handsome.
Doranda and Leon look so cute.
Nathanael and Mary-Anne had a baby also, on the 13th.  They named her Hannah Elizabeth Swift.  Can't wait to meet her too.

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