Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cider Mash and Corn Maze

On Saturday we went out for some October fun with Malachi, Layne, Andrew and Mallory
First we went to a cider mash at Meeker Mansion.  We had free tickets from Brother Dawson and so we got to make two giant buckets of apples into cider.
 Malachi and Andrew and I were operating this cider mash.  The girls were doing the other one.

 We got two full gallons of cider.

 There were also some games and displays of crafts and we got to take a tour of Meeker Mansion.

Mallory wanted to meet the Princesses - here she is with two of the high school Daffodil Princesses.

 Then we went out to one of the farms with harvest activities.  It was raining on us at times but Andrew was prepared.

 The highlight was the corn maze.  The corn was humongous, really really tall and thick.

 It must look extremely tall and scary when you're a small person.

We found all the check points and had a lot of fun.

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