Saturday, September 1, 2012

Modern Japan

Japan is very modern also and there is a strong pop culture.  So in this post I'm putting up pictures of that side of Japan which we saw.  In Kobe they have this giant statue of a robot, which they call "28 Robot"  It was huge.

Lots of shopping malls.  Some were streets that were covered.

We went to the Kobe Motomachi which is a museum sponsored by Kawasaki.

Isaac on a motorcycle.

Caleb on a jetski.

Kobe and most of the other cities are big ports.  We went to a maritime museum in Kobe.

Caleb in front of one of the many fountains we saw around the cities.

We went to a big aquarium in Osaka which is easily the biggest I've ever seen and went down for several stories.

There were lots of giant fish in the aquarium.

The train stations were interesting too.  The Kyoto station was very modern.

Inside the Kyoto Station, it was incredibly huge.

We rode the bullet train.

Isaac getting on a train.  We rode lots of trains and subways.  At one stop Isaac left his briefcase behind and had to sprint back to get it.

While climbing Mount Fuji we saw two Power Rangers who were also climbing Mt. Fuji.

We went to a fish market which was full of all kinds of interesting seafood that had been caught and brought into the port to feed all the people.  Metropolitan Tokyo is the largest city in the world and millions of people live there.

Some of the seafood did not look that appetizing to us.

Lots of parks and water and rivers all through the cities.

Church at Narita.  The church building was large and very modern and nice.

A Sega Store in the electronics section of Tokyo.

A shopping district for electronics called Akihabara.

Crazy signs on the buildings.

A strange girl winking at Caleb.

Famous Scramble Crossing where everyone gets to go in all directions all at once crossing the busy intersection.

Shibuya 109, a giant store of about 20 stories just for teenage girls.

Caleb with the statue of Hachiko Dog.  This dog greeted his master every day when he got off the train from work to come home.  Then after his master died he kept returning to the train station every day for years and years waiting for his master to come home again, who never did because he was dead.

Harajuku Fashion area.

Lots of interesting things in the stores.  We spent a lot of time in 1000 yen stores, which are the equivalent of our dollar stores.

Isaac and Caleb when we visited the Pokemon Center.
We had a great time in Japan and got to see a lot.

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