Thursday, June 21, 2012

Graduation from High School

 Caleb graduated from Emerald Ridge High School on Saturday, Class of 2012.
 He got honors awards for two classes.  Science and Natural Resources.
 And Honors for Band.
 Graduation was at the Puyallup Fairgrounds.  Here is the Senior Class marching in.
 Half of the grads.  Can you pick out Caleb?
 The speakers stage and the diplomas.
 Caleb watching the ceremony.
 Caleb graduating and receiving his diploma.
 Talitha came to watch and celebrate the event with Caleb.
 Also Malachi with his two children Andrew and Mallory.
 Tianna drove up all the way from Spokane, here with Evan and Ashton. 
Two proud parents.  Great job Caleb, you did good.
Now we have all 8 of our children finished with High School.  Four went to Rogers HS and four went to Emerald Ridge HS.  What are we doing to do now that all our children are grown up?

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