Saturday, June 4, 2011

Emerald Ridge Prom

Caleb went to the Prom for Emerald Ridge. It's called the Senior Ball. It was up at the EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum at the Seattle Science Center. Talitha was their chauffeur and drove them in her new car. We think they had a good time. Here's a picture of Caleb and his date.

Caleb and his date and also went to the Mormon Prom here locally in Puyallup. Caleb looked quite handsome.

Here's a shot of the side of our house, which we have been finishing off and finally got it done. It used to be just gravel and dirt and a place to put junk. Now it looks pretty nice. Jacquelyn figured out the design and how she wanted it to look and we hired Brother Garlick to do most of the work, although we did a lot too ourselves. He brought in a bull dozer and now it slopes away from the house so water doesn't collect against the house and it has excellent drainage. I like it.

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  1. We love the pictures of Caleb's prom, do you have any that are bigger?