Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a special day and we want to honor and give special thanks to our own mothers and also the mothers of our children. Jacquelyn has a great mom and here is a picture of her with Jacquelyn. Thank you for raising such a wonderful daughter. We love you.
Here is a picture of my mother with her two children, Doug (me), and Mark. She is a great mom too and we want to give special thanks to her for raising two sons and teaching us what's right. We always felt loved and we love you.

For Mother's Day we had lots of company. We had several children and grandchildren call or come for a visit. Here's a picture of Jacquelyn with little Scarlett, our newest grandchild.

Jacquelyn with Tucker and Penelope. They came and stayed with us for almost a week, lots of fun and lots of play time, while their mom was taking care of her new born baby and getting Scarlett adjusted to life.

Some of the grandchildren with Talitha during Mother's Day.

Penelope with waffles. We had lots of good food.

Another grandaughter that was over to visit. She lives pretty close so we get to see her more often.

Talitha, our second daughter, made diner for Mother's Day and we all went over to her new house for a celebration. The food was great and we had a lot of people there. There was Jacquelyn and I and two daughter, two sons, three spouses, and five grandchildren, and of course some dogs. Jacquelyn also got to talk to her other children on the phone. She was especially excited to get to talk to Isaac who is on the other side of the globe in Japan on a mission. Thank you everyone for making it a special day for Jacquelyn.

Finally, as a tribute to Jacquelyn, I've posted several pictures I like of her with various children. See if you can identify which child is which? And thank you Jacquelyn, for being such a great Mom.

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  1. cool pictures! There are a lot that I can't figure out.