Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday Party and Wacky Weather

Layne and Malachi threw a birthday party at our house for one of the grandchildren. You can't see faces but I think everyone knows who it was for. Layne was working on it all day and the decorations were amazing. The inside of the house looked like Oscar the Grouch Land. We also had a fantastic dinner and birthday cupcakes and ice cream. All the works. It was lots of fun. They even had a pinata for the children to break.

It was fun to see all the little ones running around the house. There were lots of presents for the birthday girl to open. Besides Malachi and Layne, we had Doranda and Bob and Tucker and Penelope, and Talitha and John, and Caleb, and also Layne's parents and one of her sisters and her family. It was a party.

Everyone was having a great time. Here you can see two Jedi Knights having a duel to the death with laser light swords.

Of course there was fun for big people two, like Wi games and card games and lots and lots of food.

We've been having such crazy weather this winter. One day sunny, one day rainey, one day snow and ice. The rivers have been on the verge of flooding. We had to make a trip to Snoqualmie Falls which is running at 39 times the normal flow rate. Beat that Niagra Falls.

The spray from the spash was coming all the way up to the top of the canyon and getting us wet even up on top.

Took these next pictures today. Can you believe we are having this much snow. And it's late February.

Look at this icicle. It must be a couple of feet long.

It is cold cold cold outside. It got down in the 20s and our pond is even starting to freeze over. There was even ice climbing up the fishing line of our little fishing boy.

The bottom pond almost got frozen completely over. Cold.

See how the leaves on the poor rhodies are collapsed and pointing almost straight down.

This turtle can hardly walk for all the snow.

Our little reading girl can hardly see enough to read her book.

One other thing that we have to mention. Some of our family has left the country for two months. Penelope was sad to leave us behind. See Doranda's blog for accounts of their trip to Japan.

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  1. Wow, it is almost 20 degrees here too! That is 20 Celsius.