Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eagle Scout Project

Caleb started work on his Eagle Project. It's the highest award of the Boy Scouts.

You have to plan, organize, get approval for, and then supervise some big project involving lots of other people. The object is to show leadership. Here's Caleb getting things organized.

His project was to do some renovations for the pre-school class at Sunrise Elementary School for special needs (handicapped) children.
One of the tasks was to sand, refinish and paint some of the furniture.

Another part of the project was to -repaint one of the walls that had some old artwork on it that they didn't want any more.

The next part of the project was to build some privacy screens so the kids could have one-on-one time with teachers and time-outs in privacy.

The last task was to build a science table from scratch.

He finished it up and showed lots of real leadership. And he had lots of help. Good job Caleb.

Now all he has to do is turn in the paperwork and have a Board of Review. Then we'll have an Eagle Scout.

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