Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Costa Rica Trip

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After leaving Arizona we continued on down to Costa Rica. First we flew to Dallas/Ft. Worth airport and spent the night sleeping in the airport in some chairs. Next we flew to Miami early the next morning and then to Liberia in Costa Rica.

Finally we got to Costa Rica. It was absolutely beautiful. A real jungle environment.

This is our hotel. The Hilton at Paya del Papagoya. It was right on the beach and right in the middle of the jungle. It had several pools and restaurants. We were doing a free stay and it was all inclusive so all the meals were included. We used points from our Hilton Credit Card to get the free visit to this resort.
We really liked it there. The rooms were scattered all around and this is a view off our little balcony.

It was very hot there. Costa Rica is right on the equator. They have two seasons, both hot, called the dry season and the wet season. We were in the wet season so it rained a lot but that kept the temperature down so that it was actually quite pleasant. We spent a lot of time lounging around between sight seeing and snorkling. That is my foot.

We made a day trip to Nicaragua. It was fun except for the long wait at the border crossing. This is one of their buildings in Grenada that we got to see. They're not as built up for tourism as Costa Rica because of all the past political turmoil.

Some artwork on the walls inside.

Some statues by the ancient Mayans.

We got to see a huge volcano that is still active and got to look right down inside. The sulfur smell was almost overpowering.
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We went Zip lining in the jungle. This was the best part of the trip. We also saw some Howler monkeys while zip lining.

This is a giant iguana that would hang out by one the restaurants and pool at the resort during the day.

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