Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lots of Visitors

We had lots of things going on this week and lots of family up to visit. We had birthdays for Isaac, Jacquelyn, Talitha, and Tucker - and also Father's Day - and also a farewell Open House for Isaac going away on his mission. So lots of people were in and out and coming and going and we were having lots of fun and were very very busy every minute it seemed like.

Here's the crowd gathered on Saturday to open some presents. We filled up the living room.
Isaac had his birthday and turned 19. Malachi and Layne were up to help him celebrate.

Jacquelyn has her birthday on the same day, we can't say how old she is but would guess maybe somewhere in her 20's.

Tucker was the big birthday boy. He turned 3. Little children have so much fun opening presents and are always fun to watch.

Talitha and John were over. Talitha had her birthday this month but a few days earlier.
Tianna and Jarom were up to visit and they drove all the way from Spokane. It was great to have them here with us during the parties.

Doranda made a Father's Day cake for her husband Bob and also for me.
I want to thank all eight of my children for being such wonderful children and for all the great things they've done and are doing. They make being a Father a great joy. I love each one of them. Thank you Tianna, Talitha, Joshua, Nathanael, Malachi, Doranda, Isaac and Caleb. You are the best.

Of course it all ends soon enough and the presents are opened and everyone moves on to other things, to eat and play games and to visit. And we never leave a mess behind.

Also this weekend was Isaac's Open House. Here's some of the refreshments that people were hard at work preparing. He's leaving on his Mission to Kobe later this month and the tradition in our church is to have an Open House were you invite members of the Ward to come by and visit and wish him off. I have no pictures of the actual even but it was all good.

Also we found a Koi in our pond when we were cleaning it up. No one knows where the little fellow came from and it's a big mystery. Everyone denies putting him in the pond and I didn't do it. Could it be possible he's a survivor from when we used to have Koi in the pond over a year ago? Has he been hiding all that time and finding his own food? Is that possible?

After everyone went home, then two people came back, to spend a few days while their mom and dad were off doing a Trek. Tucker and Penelope.
Tucker was lots of fun. Here's a picture of Caleb roasting marshmillows with Tucker. Tucker loves to play and do new things. As long as he has someone paying attention to him he seems happy. And if he doesn't having anyone paying attention to him he has ways of getting their attention.

Penelope was harder to take care of because she does not normally let anyone but her parents hold her. She got used to her Grandmother right away but would not let me hold her without lots of tears until the last day. She did have lots of fun and attention from Grandma the whole time though.

The last day before they left Talitha was over and they got some play time with Auntie Talitha.
It's been a busy busy week and the summer is just beginning.

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