Monday, April 5, 2010

Christian's Baby Blessing

We got to make a trip to Syracuse and see Christian have his baby blessing. He's not even a month old and he's already very handsome.

Here's a picture of Christian with his Dad. Joshua performed the blessing at church Sunday at the start of the Sacrament meeting.

Here's a wonderful picture of the whole family. This was a special day and we were so happy to be there and share in the experience. Christian is lucky to have such a wonderful family to grow up in.

Julia is ready to take a picture of her new baby brother. You could tell how much she really likes him.

Ethan was happy with the occasion too. He is such a cheerful boy and seemed to keep close track of what everyone was doing.

Caleb was with us too. He enjoyed being there and liked playing with Julia and Ethan but was sometimes busy with other important matters.

It was really nice of Joshua and Rebecca to have us stay with them, they made us feel real welcome and we had a wonderful time. We'll post some pictures of the things we went to see later.

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